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After investigators discovered the hairs belonged to Julia they no longer needed a confession from Charles. When in court he again denied everything until the incriminating evidence was brought forward. Charles' boss confirmed he had worked on Julia's car and that he was not at work on the day of the murder. The striation markings on the bullet extracted from Julia and a reference bullet from Charles' gun were identical proving she was shot with his gun. The hairs found in his Vehicle belonged to Julia. The shoe and tire prints at both scenes were consistent with his shoe and car tire treads. Charles' was astonished at the volume of evidence against him. He then made his confession. He thought she was single and gorgeous. When he tried to talk to her at the garage she didn't give him the time of day. So he loosened her tire cap so the air would gradually leak until eventually giving her a flat then he could come along and save her. He picked her up on the side of Route 66 and when she didnít do what he wanted he drove to a warehouse where he said he had a spare and needed help finding. Then when she wasn't aware he raped and shot her. The prosecution found Charles Brocoli guilty of Murder and Rape in the first degree. He was then placed on death row with possible life imprisonment. David continued his life with his children and retired from his job to home school and spends as much time as he could with his family.

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