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The Abandoned Car

Julia and David Mayes appeared to be a normal loving family to their family members as well as surrounding neighbors and friends. Having two children and well paid jobs, life was great with the Mayes family. This came to an abrupt halt one Friday evening when Julia's husband David called police saying his wife was missing. He reported that she always came straight home after work and she was two hours late. Not to mention no answer from her cell phone or office number. Police replied that 48 hours must pass before filing a missing persons report. David waited patiently until he received a phone call the next day. His wife's car was found abandoned on the side of Route 66. Police now had reason to believe she was missing and possibly in danger. An impression in the dirt was discovered by an officer just outside the driverís side door. A shoeprint, although much too large to be Julia's and its pointing in the direction of the car door. A call came in over the Police channel stating a body was discovered two miles from their location in an abandoned warehouse. It appears she has multiple gunshot wounds. Police ordered the car scene be secured and processed for evidence as others secured the crime scene containing the body.

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