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Crime Scene

Investigators taped off both scenes to protect evidence from being contaminated. The entire scene was photographed first. The coroner examined the body to find that lividity of the body was set implying that she had not been moved and had been dead for quite a while. Suggested cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds possibly hitting a vital organ or artery. No identification was found on the victim but authorities assumed it was David Mayes' wife Julia. David was informed and brought in for questioning. The body was transported to crime labs for autopsy as investigators continued to search for evidence. One bullet casing was discovered underneath the body after it was lifted. This was photographed then placed in a plastic bag and tagged as evidence. Based on the manner in which the body was laying investigators tried to reproduce the shooting to find a bullet lodged in the far wall. The bullet hole was photographed as to show its location in the scene then the bullet was extracted from the wall and sent in to the lab for further examination. No other evidence was discovered within the warehouse. Upon exiting an investigator discovered a partial shoe print next to three distinguishable tire impressions. Each print was photographed and casted with dental cast. The evidence wasn't much but it was all investigators could find at the warehouse scene. The car scene proved to have no other evidence except the shoe print, which was photographed and casted. The car was then towed to the crime lab.

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