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All evidence was processed around the same time. The shoe print was scanned into the lab computers and the tread patterns were analyzed and compared to others to find that they matched a Nike, Air Jordan, size 13. The print was consistent to both crime scenes. The tire treads came back as a rare size only used on Ford Explorers late models 1997-2000. The husband was wearing the same model shoes while being questioned by police and drove a Ford Explorer. David was then arrested and brought in as a possible suspect. Further investigation on David revealed an insurance policy on his wife for $200,000.00. Investigators then believed that was his motive. He denied everything saying he was at work at the time of the murder. Further examination of evidence continued. The bullet casing was fumed to find a partial fingerprint. No hits were found on A.F.I.S. (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) the autopsy revealed she was raped from bruising and friction around the vaginal area. Also cause of death was extreme blood loss. No vital organs were hit. When investigators processed her car they found that the tire cap had been loosened to create a slow leak. Other than that there was no other reason for her to pull off the road. Investigators then remembered David saying Julia had her brakes done on her car the day before she went missing. Investigators went to the garage to find a Ford Explorer out back and one of the younger mechanics wearing the Exact Air Jordan's as David. They arrested Charles Brocoli and brought him in for questioning. He denied working on Julia's car or even seeing her. While being questioned investigators searched Charles Explorer to find three strands of a woman's hair and a 9 mm pistol, loaded and two shots fired. Bullets fired from his gun were placed under a comparison microscope and matched the bullet extracted from the body of Julia Mayes. DNA results also confirmed that the hairs found belonged to Julia. Charles continued to deny everything.

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